Korean Adoption Advocacy is the project the adoptive mom of two Korean adoptees, both adopted as infants and now adults. Through my family’s adoption experiences, I have learned that, although adoption holds the promise of family for children who do not have them, it can do immense harm when conducted without respect for mothers and adoptees.

This site provides resources and information on the issues I believe are at the core of just and ethical adoption:

  • The rights of women to parent the children born to them, regardless of marital status
  • The right of adoptees to know their identities, first families and histories, and to have access to the same information available to non-adopted individuals
  • The right of adoptees to the legal protection of citizenship in their adopted country

As with my blog Third Mom, the information and opinions I share on Korean Adoption Advocacy are mine: I do not speak for adoptees or their original families, only to support justice on their behalf.

Suggestions and questions are welcome.

Margie Perscheid